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Step 1:

A Blank Canvas

Step 2:

Split & Resize to
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Step 3:

Load the Apps
You Need

The ConvexValue Terminal lets you split and resize the screen to create layouts.
You can save, share, and clone the layouts others have created.
The Terminal is a tool to let you arrange Apps into layouts.
Apps - that is where the alpha is.
See a selection of what we have to offer below:

The JOY App - The Joy of Options Surfing
100+ Live Parameters.
A Stunning Surface.
Configurable Settings

The JOY app is a flattened representation of the options surface. On the bottom you have strikes, on the left you have expirations. Calls are yellow, puts are blue. You can select what parameter you wish to display. Gamma/Vanna/Charm Exposure, Open Positions, Buy & Sell Volume, Change, etc. The configurable granularity of the JOY app lets you pin point exactly in what strike and expiration there are outsized call buys, as well as what the largest aggregate gamma strikes and expirations are. Visualizing multiple JOY apps on the Terminal unlocks an ability to compare exposure, interest, volume among one or many underlyings.

The OLAY App - Understanding The Shape of Change

Often visualizing change is the most important part of finding a trade. From understanding the movement in the implied volatility curve, to the skew of gamma across expirations - high fidelity graphics let you grasp what is happening at a glance. The same 100+ Live Parameters as the JOY app, but instead of stacking expirations, they are overlaid.

The FLOWCHART App - Live Options Derived Flow
Calls & Puts, Buys & Sells, Greeks & Volatility.

Our options engine calculates over 50 live parameters from options prices and trades. It aggregates them and delivers them in a live chart to have a true look at how options move the market. Greeks, buys & sells, and proprietary algorithms power this App. An indispensable tool for intraday trading to catch movement before it happens. Customizable - display as many parameters as your computer or your eyes can handle.

The Dimensions of Implied Volatility.
Term Structure & Skew.

The TERMS and SKEW app allow you to identify the kinks - because truth is always stranger than fiction. Compare the current volatility term structure with yesterday's and with X days in the past. This is the only way to actually understand whether volatility is high or low. The Term Structure watermarks let you understand where you volatility is now, and how it got there. Combine it with the SKEW app to know for each expiration whether puts or calls are in demand relative to eachother. It is hard to imagine placing an Iron Condor or a Butterfly without knowing in what expiration, in what strikes, or whether you are targeting the richness of calls or puts.

Trades. Trades. Trades.
With Highlights and Customizable Filters.

ConvexValue Apps let you see everything. We don't decide what you should look at. But instead give you the power to decide what to look at. The Time And Sales App lets you select what columns you want to display, how you want to order the trade log, how you want to filter it - whether it is by size, delta, puts or calls, underlyings, etc. It features intuitive color-coding to help you identify trades that cross the spread as well as notable buys and sells.

The Pulse of the Market.
What is Hot. What is Not.
Truly Live Flow.

The most simple and powerful App in the ConvexValue arsenal. Our options engine aggregates every single options event - live - and generates over 150+ parameters for every stock and future in the market. Call Buying; Deltas of Put Sells; Ratio of Bullish to Bearish Flow; proprietary ratios and parameters; and more. This simple table tells you exactly what is happening in the market. It is customizable to reveal only the columns you need, the filters you want, and the order you are looking for. Want a ranking for the stocks with most call buying volume under $1M ? Want to see what stocks have larger put selling than buying? Anything you want. This is the true Pulse of the Market.

A Universe of Apps.
Fully Customizable.

You've seen the highlights reel of the most notorious apps. But there's more and they are in constant development via a close feedback and iteration loop with members for over 3 years. The architecture of each of these carefully crafted apps means you can configure them to see what you want to see. A true X-Ray - no, an MRI Scan of the Options Market. Each and every app by itself has it's power, but when used in combination with eachother with The ConvexValue Terminal - that is what unlocks insight like never before.

The ConvexValue Terminal.
Apps. Layouts. Workspaces.

Master the Apps you need and create layouts with them. Save your layouts, share your layouts, clone layouts from others. The ConvexValue Terminal lets you craft your view of the market.