The ConvexValue Terminal

The Terminal for 21st Century Finance

A desktop app. Enter commands and data modules pop up - multiple tabs and windows.

Options Flow, Positioning, Skew, Volatility, Statistics, Stocks, News, Fundamentals, Charts.

Mac, Windows, Linux

Multi-Platform high performant desktop application. I care about your RAM and CPU.

Multiple tabs and windows.

Manage your tabs and windows like you would a web-browser. Create the workspace you need.

Options & Volatility

Visualize an X-Ray of the options market including trades, sentiment, flow, positioning, volatility, skew, with innovative graphics - via a realtime feed.

Stock, Indexes, ETFs

Realtime and historical data; Financial statements (income, balance, cashflow), ratios and enterprise value. Technical and Fundamental Indicators.

Experimentation & Evolution

This platform is my life. The goal is big and I move fast. New modules, features, improvements every day.

Bespoke Solutions

I have the data. You can have it too - in the way that you desire. As a Level X Member you can request bespoke data solutions.

The ConvexValue Terminal

The Sexiest Visuals

Visualize option market flow and positioning with the hottest and most intuitive graphics.

Grasp how the market is positioned with just a glance.

Breakdown of Open Interest, Volume, Volaility, Greeks, and more by strikes and expirations, calls and puts.

Develop Intuition

Understand option greeks by visualizing their behavoir in real time.

Dive from theory to practice and get a feel how option markets truly move.

Proprietary Flow Indicators

Every option trade that hits the tape - its being processed, categorized, and delivered to you in the way of simple but powerful indicators of flow and sentiment.

Trade Anomalies

With the first-of-a-kind volatility watermarks tool - spot patterns, divergences, and tradeable anomalies.

Profit from smoothing out the kinks.

I personally spot what I call "the IV peel off" with this tool and trade it with delta-neutral strangles.

Trade Log

Detect sweeps, whales, and general market sentiment with a log of trades.

Flagged to find unusual activity.

Color coded to grasp sentiment and urgency.

IV Skew

Visualize the Implied Volatility Surface and its behavoir through time.

Understand how and why the ATM vol shifts and the curvature of the wings.

Price Comparison

There is more than just options data.

Plot stock histories on a logarithmic graph to compare their returns.

Pictured here - returns since the March 2020 crash.

Quotes & Stats

Realtime quotes of stocks, commodities, ETFs, mutual funds, global indexes.

Troves of stock historical data and statistics including technical indicators.

Stock Fundamentals

Stock profiles, analyst ratings, key executives.

All financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, cashflow) in normalized format.

Fundamental Ratios and Metrics.


General stock news - News filtered by specific stocks.

Scan headlines to make sure nothing huge is going down.

And much much more.

The ConvexValue Terminal is... well.. a Terminal.

New data is being added and new modules are being built every day

Enter the formulas command so you don't miss a beat.

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