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ConvexValue is a set of Options Analytics apps. You can use them in your web-browser and you can use them in The ConvexValue Terminal - a desktop app that you download to your computer.

Using the apps on your browser is simple - we will go over it in detail below. In the browser you can view a single app at a time.

Using them in The ConvexValue Terminal allows you to use many of them at a time and create and share dashboards with them. We will also cover how to do this below.

Getting Started

At you should see a list of apps - similar to how apps are displayed on a smartphone:


Click on any app and it will first ask you to login or signup. Once you do that, you’ll see a screen that asks you to subscribe either to full-access to all ConvexValue apps, or to individual access to a specific app. Most of the apps are not free (refer to the pricing section below for details).

Once that is done, you will be redirected to the app page. For the following example we will use the joy app, but this applies to all apps.

Operating Apps

When you click on an app, for example the joy app, you should see something like this:


Let’s break down what you are looking at:


The App Body is the content of that specific app - in this case the joy app. The App Body is different for every app.

The App Control is universal. All apps have exactly the same App Control on top and you use it both to configure the app and to navigate back home. Let’s break it down:


Knowing this is already enough to begin playing with ConvexValue. Take a look at this video where we navigate between apps and configure them:

After looking at that video you should internalize the only key concepts you need to master ConvexValue:

  1. There is always a Control Bar and an App Body
  2. To navigate between apps, you click on them from the home page or enter the app name on the command bar. To go back home from an app you click on the home icon or enter command ‘home’
  3. You can configure apps by entering commands or by using the control panel
  4. If there is an error in your command, the app will tell you what the error is
  5. You don’t need to learn commands! All the information about how to configure apps is on the control panel. Commands are just a helper tool for when you become a power user

Getting Started with The Terminal

Now that you have seen how to use a ConvexValue app on the web-browser - the same applies to the Terminal.

You can think of the Terminal as a “pro” workstation to operate many apps at once and create workspaces with these apps. It is like a web-browser but custom built to enhance your experience of operating ConvexValue apps.

The ConvexValue Terminal is very similar to your traditional web-browser.

In your web-browser you load websites by entering their url (www . something . com). You create tabs and load different websites on them and toggle between the websites.

The ConvexValue Terminal is quite similar. The main differences are:

  • instead of loading websites you load ConvexValue apps
  • instead of entering the website url you enter the ConvexValue command
  • instead of being able to see one website/app at a time, you can see many by splitting the screen and creating dashboards

Apart from that - they operate very similar.

To download the terminal click on the ‘terminal’ app on the home page, or enter command ‘terminal’.

Here is a quick video overview:


There are two types of ConvexValue subscriptions:

  1. Full-Access - access every app for a fixed price
  2. Individual App Access - pay only for the apps you need

Within those two types, you can select whether you want to solely display OPRA options data, or whether you want CME options-on-futures data in addition as well. CME data has a higher price.

Regardless of whether you choose full or individual access, or whether you choose OPRA or OPRA+CME data, billing is available in three intervals:

  1. Monthly Billing
  2. Quarterly Billing - 10% off
  3. Yearly Billing - 20% off

You can cancel any time within the ‘member’ app, and you can switch between plans and subscriptions.

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